Why Top Cosmetic Companies Use Fulfillment Services In NYC

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As we all know, available space in NYC can come at a hefty price.  It may be well worth the cost for an optimum storefront location, but may not be quite as cost effective for a large storage facility to have such a lofty address.   This is why so many global health and beauty product manufacturers and suppliers choose to use local companies to handle their cosmetic fulfillment services.

Companies in NYC such as GFD Courier offer business-to-business and business-to-consumer handling of the entire product flow, with services ranging from storage and warehousing to inventory control and pick and pack services.  Many cosmetic firms find their time and money better spent on the creative, production, sales and marketing end of the business.  The cost of establishing and managing a warehouse and handling distribution can be abundant, while outsourcing can afford firms better resources at a lower investment rate.

Storage and Warehousing

Many top cosmetic companies, especially start-ups, may not have the space available for large quantities of product to be stored once manufacturing is under way.  They can spend countless months on product development, brand building and sales, but realize that they’re in over their head when it comes to effective inventory control.  Companies that store their own product encounter additional expenses such as rent, staff, training, equipment and security.  Since most fulfillment companies are adept at handling these procedures for many clients, expenses are kept at bay through the distribution of fixed costs among multiple clients.

Pick and Pack Services

It takes a dedicated and well-trained staff to effectively pack and ship inventory so that it arrives at its destination as ordered and on time.  Established companies offering product fulfillment and distribution services already have well-trained staff on hand, systems in place and the proper equipment to cost-effectively process inventory in a timely manner.  They can also offer additional services such as kitting and gift-with-purchase promotions.

Shipping and Delivery

Many smaller companies do not ship the large quantities required to receive discounted shipping rates via global couriers and have found that rates offered by local companies are sometimes more competitive.  The money saved through discounted shipping rates can be so great at times that the cost of outsourcing distribution can be completely covered with the spared funds.  Outsourcing fulfillment with a company that operates delivery in-house can provide greater savings and more continuity throughout the entire process.

Some companies offer logistics services to the cosmetics industry that may seem out-of-the box at first, but when needed they are realized to be a natural fit.  For example, services such as retail cosmetic display and take-down and trade show services can come in handy when companies are headquartered out of town or they need to exhibit at events.  Utilizing one company that can take care of all of your logistics needs is really the key to success, while relying on multiple companies to handle various tasks can result in miscommunication and delivery delays.  Finding a reliable company who can do it all will typically result in an operation that runs at peak efficiency.

Top cosmetic companies spend a considerable amount of time and effort establishing their brand image and should rely only on companies providing cosmetic fulfillment and distribution services that offer the same attention to detail as if the work was being done in-house.

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