There’s No Need To Leave The City This Summer

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As we get into the heart of the summer, temps are rising and so are humidity levels.  That may leave some New Yorkers setting their sights on ways to escape the city heat, as well as the hustle and bustle, for more relaxing surroundings.  But there’s so much to do and see in the city that there’s no reason to make a big trip to have some fun.

Looking for some green space?  Head to Central Park or one of the city’s other parks to take a stroll, sit by a fountain, throw a Frisbee or just gaze at the clouds. Being in this environment will quickly make you forget the busy streets filled with tourists, couriers and people going about their hectic lives.

Visit a food festival. Or an art festival. Or a music festival.  There are so many festivals and fairs around the city throughout the season that you’re bound to find something enjoyable to do.  Many of them are free and can provide you with hours of entertainment or relaxation.

Need a break from the heat?  Head indoors to visit one of New York’s many museums. Or take in a movie.  Of course, shopping is always an option and you can be sure that most stores will have their air conditioning going full blast during the heat of the summer to attract the hot and the weary.

Want to stay active?  From Chelsea Piers to Central Park, there’s no shortage of venues and spaces where you can stay active. Swing some golf clubs, rent a bike, go for a run or simply take a stroll.  Summer heat in the city shouldn’t stop you from keeping your heart pumping and your body fit.

Need a bit of culture?  See Shakespeare in the Park, head to Broadway for a Tony award-winning show or take in one of the many cultural events going on throughout the city.

Eat!  Take a stroll along the High Line as you sample some of the delicious treats offered by food vendors, grab an ice cream cone or treat yourself to a gourmet dinner.  If you can’t find the type of food you want to eat in New York City, you likely won’t find it anywhere!

Take in the sights. One of the perks of living in New York is that you can see or do just about anything. So savor the Big Apple this summer, take in some sights you may not have seen before or just revisit ones you love to see all the time.  You’ll beat the traffic, won’t have the headaches of traveling and will get to enjoy all that the city has to offer this summer.

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