Do You Procrastinate? Are You Forgetful? Too Busy? GFD Has Your Back!

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Are you one of those people that gets halfway through your day, only to remember that it was your mom’s birthday or you forgot to send your son to school with his uniform for after-school practice?  Whether you procrastinate by nature or are simply so busy on some days that the smaller things seem to slip by the wayside, GFD can help!  We can make sure that even if you waited until the last second to pick up a present or get needed items to school or elsewhere, things get done on time.  In fact, our courier services in NYC are so quick and efficient that no one may even realize that you didn’t plan well in advance, but instead had to scramble at the last minute!

Take for example, a special occasion.  While you may mean to be the perfect husband, daughter or friend, you know that for one reason or another, there are times when you just don’t quite get your act together when it’s time to make someone’s day special.  So, if you wake up in the morning only to realize that you almost forgot your wife’s birthday but you have a big meeting that you can’t miss, which means you can’t get out to a store to buy something last minute, there’s still no need to fear.  All you need to do is to decide what you want to purchase, order it and then let one of GFD’s NY messengers take care of the rest.

Let’s say you decide to pick up a beautiful necklace at Tiffany’s for your equally beautiful wife.  Our messenger can pick up the gift at the store for you and can deliver it right to your desk so you have it in your pocket when you meet your wife after work for dinner.  If you want to make it look like you really spent a good deal of time planning for her special day, we can also stop and pick up chocolates at Godiva, some flowers or balloons and then deliver the entire ensemble right to her office during the workday.  What could be more romantic than that?

Messengers aren’t just lifesavers when you need to make it look like you didn’t fall short in planning something special for a big event.  They come in equally handy when your morning was simply too busy to remember to take care of everything that needed to happen before everyone in the family set out for the day.  Whether your child didn’t bring lunch, a musical instrument or needed sports equipment to school or you forgot to take your clothes to the cleaners or a package to the post office, our messenger services can be the perfect back-up you need on a busy or forgetful day.  We can pick up just about anything you need and deliver it to anywhere in the metropolitan area within hours, and sometimes even faster if necessary.

So if you are a procrastinator or simply need more hours in the day or a more comprehensive “to do” list, remember that GFD Courier has your back when you need it!

For more information about the NYC messenger services offered by GFD Courier, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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