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Anyone in the legal profession can attest to the amount of time that can be wasted when paperwork needs to be delivered to and filed in court.  Not only does documentation need to get from its point of origin (typically the law firm’s office) to a specific courthouse, but once there, someone must typically wait while the documents are processed and then stamped to show that they have been processed.  This is not the end of the courthouse delivery process in many cases, however, as often the processed and stamped documentation must be returned to the original point of origin or may need to be delivered to another location.

This whole process sounds rather time consuming, doesn’t it?  Well, it is.  If an employee of the firm needs to handle the entire court delivery process from start to end, it can take hours out of what could otherwise be a productive day – hours that are wasted during the time it takes to transport items from point A to the courthouse, to wait for processing to be completed, and then to return the documentation to point A or to a point B, if necessary.

As you can imagine, a good deal of time can be spent even if documents only need to be delivered locally to a courthouse within Manhattan or the metropolitan area.  But what if a legal case requires that this documentation be delivered to state courthouses housed throughout the state of New York?  It is not uncommon for law firms in New York City to have to file documents in courthouses as far as Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and other areas throughout the state.  Can you imagine the time that would be wasted, as well as the expense incurred, by sending a salaried employee traipsing through the state to complete the delivery?

The good news is that whether your legal practice needs legal documents delivered, filed, retrieved and/or returned, there are companies offering professional legal delivery services such as GFD Courier that can get the job done for you with ease and without you having to lose out on hours and hours of employee productivity.  Our experienced legal couriers can deliver documents to courtrooms and other locations that originate in the metropolitan NYC area and will go as far as any location that is drivable one way in up to eight hours.

In addition to handling intricate courtroom filings and document recordings, we can also pick up and deliver any type of envelope, package or box that may require transporting from one location to another during the course of typical (or atypical) legal business.  Other legal services offered include courtroom display delivery, and take-down as well as legal documentation storage, digital scanning and retrieval.

If you are a legal firm located in the metropolitan NY area, improve your company’s productivity and efficiency by entrusting your legal deliveries to a company that is experienced in offering professional and reliable legal delivery services, such as GFD Courier.

For more information about the legal delivery services offered by GFD Courier in NYC, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444

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