What Constitutes “Logistics”?

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Logistics is any process that is necessary in order to get products from the point of manufacturing or origin to their final destination.  Whether the final destination is a store, another company or directly into the end-user’s hand, there are typically a series of steps that must occur along with way.  The process can be simple for some businesses while being rather complex for others, and what this overall process entails will differ based on many different factors.

One aspect of the process has to do with how items are transported from location to location.  In some cases, there is only one movement of items, direct from the point of creation to the end user.  But in most cases, there are subsequent steps along the way.  For example, a product might be manufactured in one location and then shipped to a warehouse.  From there, products may be stored for awhile until they are then shipped in smaller batches to individual retailers or other companies, where they are then sold to the end user.

That is just one simple scenario, but very often the process is even more complicated than that.  For example, even before manufacturing occurs, various supplies may need to be delivered to the manufacturing location so that a product can be produced in the first place.  This transport may be organized by the company responsible for manufacturing the product or it may be handled by the supplier of the individual components or materials being used.

Once the product is produced and shipped in bulk to a secondary location, it may need to be split apart into smaller shipments for product fulfillment and distribution.  Or, various components may even need to be pulled together to create sets, baskets or boxes to create a final product that will be delivered for sale.  This process may be referred to as pick, pack and ship services.

Whether items are simply held in a location for eventual shipment to the consumer, are split up for distribution to individual retailers or are put together along with other components, as is the case with pick-and-pack, one thing is for certain – there must be some sense of inventory control throughout the whole process so that the business knows what they have at all times when it comes to each of their products.

All of these individual components, from delivery services to storage & warehousing, and from product fulfillment and distribution to inventory control, as well as other actions that may need to be taken along the way, fall under the umbrella of logistics.  These services can be handled in their entirety by the company that creates and sells the products or they can be outsourced along the way.  All aspects of the process can be handled by a single entity or various components can be handled by different providers.

Depending on the type of services needed, the capabilities of a company, and what their goals and limitations are, in some cases it is worthwhile for some or all aspects of the logistics process to be outsourced to companies that are experienced in each aspect of the process.  GFD Courier is one of those companies and can offer everything from delivery and storage services to inventory and distribution services.

For more information about the various logistics services offered by GFD Courier, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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