Tips For Moving Office Equipment

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Whether you are relocating your business, are in need of moving equipment from your office to another temporary location, or need to transport equipment between manufacturers and end-users, you likely know that moving business office equipment is not an easy task and typically requires additional time and expertise in comparison to traditional moving of boxes or other items.

There is a wide variety of equipment that may need to be moved from location to location when a business is relocating or is organizing a conference, off-site meeting or event.  Some equipment is easy for employees to move on their own, such as laptops.

Other equipment, even though it may not be large in size, can be more difficult to move and at its intended destination.  For example, although it may be relatively easy to pack up and transport phone systems, fax machines or desktop computers, the process of ensuring that all components remain intact and that the equipment is set up properly following the move can be trickier than you might think.  Just one missing cord or plug can make it frustrating and difficult to get business operating again as usual.  Not knowing how equipment connects or interacts with each other can lead to lost productivity.

Even more difficult than this is the task of moving large or heavy office equipment, such as copy machines.  Moving copiers requires more than just knowing how to the equipment at a new location.  It also requires careful preparation to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during the move.  Additionally, due to the large size and weight of equipment such as this, it requires specific expertise during the moving process so that the equipment can be safely and securely moved without causing possible injury to the individuals doing the moving or resulting in damage to the equipment.

For the reasons mentioned above, as well as other reasons related to time, productivity, safety and value of the equipment in question, business office equipment moving is a task that is best left to the professionals.  By opting to let a company experienced with the process handle the moving for you, you will be able to rest assured that your equipment will arrive at its desired location intact and in proper working order.   You can also better ensure that the equipment will be moved safely and securely and that it will be back up and running as quickly as possible to reduce down-time so that productivity is not negatively impacted.

Not every moving company is equipped to handle the moving of equipment.  It is important to entrust this task to a company that not only knows how to pack up and transport the equipment, but can also properly take-down and the equipment.  For companies that are in the business of selling or renting large office equipment, companies like GFD Courier not only offer expertise in business equipment moving and , but also provide secure and climate-controlled warehousing and storage services.

For more information about the business office equipment moving, storage and services offered by GFD Courier, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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