The Beauty Of Outsourced Cosmetic Fulfillment Services

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f you operate a cosmetic or beauty supply company, you know that the logistics and fulfillment work flow can take a great deal of time, effort and money as employees handle all aspects of the process of getting products from the point of manufacturing to the end-user.  The good news is that by outsourcing cosmetic fulfillment to a company that is experienced in handling all aspects of the process, you can stay focused on what you do best while knowing that the time-consuming and intricate logistics process is handled.

What benefits can a cosmetics or beauty supply company realize by outsourcing all or various portions of the fulfillment process to an external company?  One major benefit is that it allows the company to remain focused on the bread and butter of the operation and frees up employees to do what they do best.  Rather than having to focus on how products are transported from one location to another, where they are housed, how they are inventoried and cataloged, and what it takes so they wind up in the hands of the end-user, these companies can simply focus on creating products that customers want and can leave the behind-the-scenes operation to someone else.

In addition to freeing up valuable resources, outsourced cosmetics fulfillment services also offer efficiencies that often can’t be realized when a company handles its own logistics and fulfillment.  When a company’s employees have to be pulled in different directions to handle these processes, it reduces inefficiency.  Even if the company has dedicated employees handling the entire workflow, the company can often not take advantage of the efficiencies of scale that are offered by external companies that handle transport, storage and fulfillment on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, outsourcing this aspect of the workflow allows companies to easily scale up or down depending on business and customer needs.  So, for example, if a beauty company wants to hold additional inventory around the holidays or is introducing a new line of products, the company doesn’t have to worry about finding increased storage space, as well as additional employees to handle the workflow.  This is especially important in companies that see an ebb and flow in business throughout the year, such as during holiday or seasonal times.

Another aspect of external cosmetics fulfillment that beauty-related companies can benefit from is pick and pack services, kitting and product shelving.  Rather than having to deploy employees around the country to split orders from the manufacturer so that they go to various destinations, or to put together promotional or seasonal gift packs, holiday sets and so on, a cosmetics fulfillment services company can handle those labor-intensive aspects of the business.

Products can even be shelved in retail establishments, displays can be set up and broken down for promotional periods, and items can be delivered and set up for trade shows and other events.  This means that employees or representatives simply have to show up at the event, without worrying about getting everything deployed and set up in advance.

There are many benefits to outsourcing all or part of cosmetics fulfillment.  Entrusting these services to a company like GFD Courier that is experienced in all aspects of the process can improve the efficiency and productivity of companies while providing for simplicity and peace of mind in working through the flow of getting beauty and cosmetic products from manufacturing through to the end-user.

For more information about the cosmetic fulfillment services offered by GFD Courier, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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