Pick and Pack Services Offer Financial and Operational Benefits

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If you run a business in NYC, or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter, you know how challenging it can be to find appropriate warehouse space and the right people to manage the product fulfillment and distribution process.

While you may have spent many years building the perfect business model, developing your product, making sure it’s manufactured to the right specifications and getting those sales numbers up, the fulfillment side of the business may still be a challenge at times.  Owning or renting warehouse space in or close to NYC and hiring the most qualified employees to properly run it can become a very costly venture.  This is why so many successful businesses outsource this end of the business to companies with the expertise and systems to do the job most efficiently.  Companies such as GFD Courier in New York offer warehousinginventory control, and pick, pack and ship services to large and small businesses throughout the country.

Warehouse management and product fulfillment can come at a high price, especially if this is not your area of expertise.  When you add up the cost of rent, equipment and skilled labor, you may find that managing your own fulfillment process is doing more damage to your bottom line that you anticipated.  To keep costs in check, many businesses rely on companies who already have the equipment and systems in place to manage this part of the operation, and often find that outsourcing is much more cost effective in the long run.  You may very well find that relying on the experts to efficiently manage your business’ pick, pack and shipping needs gives you more time to expand your product line and increase sales.

Outsourcing also affords you the benefit of having to worry less about the inevitable ups and downs of product demand and the associated costs of housing your inventory.  At certain times of the year, demand may be lower than at other times, but in-house costs will generally remain the same regardless of demand if you have your own storage facility and operations process to manage.  Then when you receive the order of a lifetime but run your own operation, you may be scrambling to find the extra help you need to get product out the door in a timely manner.  Outside companies who handle similar services for a variety of clients are generally accustomed to the ebb and flow of individual client needs and can easily make adjustments in space and productivity as needed.

Companies like GFD Courier can pick-up, pre-pack, re-pack, kit, label, weigh and ship your inventory so that it arrives as expected and on time.  Or if you are not ready to ship, we can inventory and store your items until demand dictates.  Our pick, pack and ship services are perfect for business-to-business or business-to-consumer product fulfillment.  Services are customized to our clients’ individual needs so you can pick and choose exactly what services you need in order to get the job done.  Additionally, whether the items are going across town or across the country, our reliable delivery services can get your product into the right hands, on-time and with professionalism and care.

For more information about our pick, pack and ship services, call GFD Courier at 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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