Marketing, Branding and Advertising Delivery Services in NYC and Beyond


When it comes to handling deliveries in NYC for advertising agencies, marketing, branding, public relations, event planning and communication companies, there are few courier companies that can compete with the level of unmatched personal service offered by GFD Courier.  Since 1979, we have been providing premier delivery, messenger services in New York that meet the specialized, hands-on nature of this particular market segment.

Branding and advertising agencies, as well as related companies, have particular messenger service needs that require the type of experience, expertise, professionalism and finesse that is a hallmark of GFD Courier’s employees.  We offer same-day courier and messenger deliveries throughout the metropolitan NY area, and we can also provide delivery, /take-down, and distribution of materials just about anywhere across the country.

We understand the unique nature of the delivery and messenger service needs of the advertising and marketing industries.  That’s why we are equally equipped to handle a press kit that needs to be quickly couriered across town to a media company or gift baskets that must be kitted, delivered and then distributed on behalf of a company at a convention located across the country.  In addition to press kit and gift basket deliveries, we have gotten product samples, printed materials (including flyers, brochures, posters and postcards), signage, documents, display booth materials, and giveaways where they need to go, when they need to be there.

In addition to our courier services, we are also experienced as event specialists.  That means that we not only deliver displays, booths, exhibits and signs, but we can set up and break down displays at trade shows, conventions, retail establishments, and just about any location.  We also handle after-hours shipments, offering storage of items until delivery can be made when a company re-opens.  Storage and warehousing options are also available to companies that want us to hold onto display, sample and other materials until a subsequent event, at which time we can deliver and the items at the new venue or location.

Of course, the personalized nature of our courier services doesn’t stop there!  We can customize our services to meet the particular needs of a company, venue or occasion.  As an example, we have been delivering “high profile” invitations with a unique twist for a new year’s celebration for one of our clients for the past three years.  All invitations have been hand-delivered by couriers dressed to coordinate with the event’s theme.  Male couriers were dressed in tuxedos, while female couriers were clothed in tasteful black dresses with pearl necklaces, and each invitation was personally delivered to recipients.

These are just some of the unique courier services we provide for this market segment, but by no means is it an exhaustive list.  GFD is a “one stop shop” to meet the courier needs of the marketing, branding and advertising industries.  We have experience delivering to newspaper and magazine editors, trade shows and conventions, corporate offices and retail locations.  Our courier personnel have delivered and merchandise and displays in stores, salons, spas, gyms and conference rooms, among other locations.  Additionally, we offer pick and pack services, kitting, after hours pick-ups, storage, warehousing, and display /take down.

For over 30 years, companies have counted on the professionalism and commitment to customer service offered by GFD Courier to meet their delivery needs.  For more information about the NYC messenger and delivery services we offer for advertising, marketing, branding, public relations, event planning and other communication-related companies, call GFD Courier at 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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