Logistics Is Critical For Product-Oriented Companies

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For companies in which the sale or rental of goods is the primary focus of the business, effective logistics management is one key to an organization’s success.  Being able to efficiently manage the flow of resources between the point of origin through to the point of sale or consumption is an important component of a business’s operation.

Logistics encompasses everything from transportation and delivery to warehousing, inventory and distribution.  Even components such as production, packaging, packing, order processing, tracking and security must be carefully evaluated and integrated in order to ensure that resources move smoothly along the supply chain in the most effective and efficient manner.

Product-oriented companies can be large or small, as well as any size in between.  Whether you are a local mom-and-pop store that needs to distribute goods locally or a major global corporation, bringing your product to market requires the careful coordination of numerous components.  Some companies choose to handle all aspects of this process in-house, and for large companies that can take advantage of efficiencies of scale, this may be the best solution.  However, numerous smaller companies, as well as some large corporations, find that they can streamline their business and take advantage of efficiencies by outsourcing one or more aspects of the process.

One aspect of the cycle that many companies benefit from outsourcing is the actual distribution process, including shipping and delivery services.  These services may require transport of goods down the block or around the nation and are the key to getting products where they need to go, when they need to get there, in a safe, effective and efficient manner.   Van, truck and freight delivery services can eliminate the need for businesses to own their own transport fleet or to employ staff to drive and manage the fleet.  Instead, a delivery service company simply arrives at point A to pick up items that require transport and moves them to point B, wherever that may be located.

Additional services can include packing of items, as well as storage and warehousing of inventory at an external facility.  This reduces the amount of work required by employees of the company, as well as the amount of space that the company must own or rent in order to house the products.  Instead, a company offering these services can simply pick up the items at the point of origin and then can bring them directly to their facility where they can be stored as-is or can be unpacked, photographed, catalogued and/or inventoried.  The entire distribution process can be handled from this location, including services such as pick-and-pack and other aspects of product fulfillment.

Companies like GFD Courier offer all aspects of these logistics services.  We can pack up, pick up and deliver goods of all types, can warehouse them if necessary, and can provide services that aid in the fulfillment process.  We can also offer similar services for companies that may not be transporting goods for sale, but may be providing equipment rental or require display at retail establishments, trade shows, conventions and the like.

Virtually any aspect of the logistics process that you wish to outsource can be provided by the experienced professionals at GFD.  Simply contact us by calling 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444 or contact us directly through our website for additional information.

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