How To Get The Most Out Of Your Local Courier Service – Part 2

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Now that you know how your local courier service can save you time, effort  and money in your personal day-to-day activities and on those special occasions, this article will focus on a few tips relating to  the efficiency and ease of using a local messenger to assist with a variety of business logistics.

Day-to-Day Services – No matter if you run an office or manage operations, there tends to be the need to send and receive documents and parcels across town on a daily basis in order to successfully run your business. Documents that require original signatures, as well as replacement parts for copiers or even heavy machinery, can bring productivity to a halt if you can’t get them where they need to be today.  Many businesses will appoint a skilled employee to stop what they are doing in order to run the errand and pick-up or deliver what is immediately needed, but don’t factor in the cost of the employee’s time and production, never mind the cab fare.  Local messenger services can pick-up and deliver what you need, right when you need it, in a much more cost effective manner.  With same-day-delivery services available, your employees can focus on making you money while the delivery professionals help you save.

Office Relocation – Your realtor may be able to find you the perfect midtown address for your company’s expansion, but they aren’t going to help you move your offices.  Many businesses stay in the same location just because moving proves to be more difficult than anticipated.  But there’s no need to impede your expansion because of the hassle that moving encompasses.  Local delivery services, such as GFD Courier in NYC, can pack up your current office, including furniture, equipment, computers, documents, artwork, etc, as well as set it back up in your new location.  They can store what is not needed, and even offer site planning services to make the transition seamless.  With the use of a local delivery service, you will be back in business in no time at all.

Storage & Warehousing – Especially when relocating, or in order to avoid such a relocation, many businesses find that they have an abundance of documents that are not needed on a day-to-day basis and can’t be discarded, but can be stored away for future access.  Private storage comes at a premium with city space in such demand, but shared warehouse space can be a cost effective way to store unused documents locally while paying just a portion of the cost.  Some companies have storage and warehousing facilities within the boroughs of New York City and are able to offer services that a standard facility simply can’t, such as inventory control systems, state-of-the-art security and document retrieval.

Fulfillment Services – You may be using a fulfillment house in order to manage and distribute your goods, but coordinating shipments with a secondary trucking company may prove to be less efficient that you would like.  Some companies offer comprehensive fulfillment and distribution services along with local and long distance shipping services so that the coordination of the two are more accurately and efficiently executed.  Local companies like GFD offer business-to-business and business-to-consumer services for large and small companies.

Sensitive Material Delivery – As New Yorkers, many of us feel that for a job to be done correctly, it must be executed personally.  But many of New York’s most sensitive materials are picked up and delivered each day with the utmost of privacy and care.  Legal documents and highly sensitive business contracts are sent across town by some of the city’s most experienced and professional local messengers.  Well trained to perform under sometimes unusual or delicate circumstances, drivers and foot messengers can be relied upon to execute the task at hand with a dedication and commitment to excellence.

For more information about messenger, delivery, warehousing or any of the other services offered by GFD Courier, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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