How Can A Courier Help Your Legal Practice?

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Law-related practices spend a lot of time moving paper back and forth.  Whether documents need to be delivered to a courthouse and then returned after being stamped or dropped off at clients, there is a never-ending, constant flow of paper to contend with.  All of this delivery of legal documents can become extremely time consuming and disruptive to the work flow of the firm’s employees.  Luckily for law firms in the metropolitan NYC area, companies like GFD Courier can make easy work out of getting documents and packages where they need to go, when they need to be there.

Rather than sending out a law clerk, secretary or other employee within the firm each time that an envelope or package needs to be delivered, it’s far easier to simply call a reliable courier service to handle the delivery of legal documents.  Couriers that specialize in legal delivery services, such as GFD Courier, understand the importance of getting documents to their intended destination safely, securely and on time.  Additionally, our couriers are experienced in handling pick-ups and deliveries in sensitive locations and situations, such as courtrooms, courthouses, other legal firms and just about anywhere that legal deliveries need to go.

In addition to understanding the sensitive nature of these types of pick-ups and deliveries, couriers also generally know the quickest and best way to get a package from Point A to Point B.  So, while your law clerk may have to hail a cab and then sit in traffic for what seems like hours just to get cross-town to make a delivery, couriers can instead jump on a bike or subway or otherwise figure out the fastest and most reliable way to get the delivery to its destination on time.

When documents need to be signed, stamped, copied or returned, this can become a time consuming proposition.  Each minute or hour that one of your employees is out of the office waiting for this process to conclude so he or she can return to the office with the task completed is time wasted while other work is likely piling up back at the office.  Rather than pulling the employee away from the work at hand and diminishing productivity, a courier can take whatever time is necessary to wait for an action to be completed, and if needed, to then return the package to your office.

Aside from making the transport and delivery of documents and packages easier on your law business, companies specializing in legal delivery services such as GFD Courier may also offer other services that can improve the productivity of your staff.  For example, we offer and take-down of courtroom displays, including screens, tripods, display boards and other necessary items.  We also offer legal documentation storage and retrieval services, including digital scanning, which can make it easy to find just what you want in the files, any time you need it.

There are many ways that a trusted courier service offering professional legal delivery services such as GFD Courier can improve the productivity of your legal practice.  Give us a call and let us show you how!

For more information about the legal delivery services and other law-related services offered by GFD Courier in the metropolitan NY area, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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