GFD Can Help Retailers Offer Same Day Delivery Service in NYC

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With more and more consumers seeking instant gratification when it comes to ordering online or by phone, the demand for same day delivery service is exploding.  Companies like Amazon are now making it possible for customers to receive same day shipping on more than a million products in select cities, including New York City, with the only requirement being that orders need to be placed by noon.

While the retail giant is equipped to offer services that other retailers may not be able to pull off on such a large scale, the fact that delivery services can be sped up to such a high degree is making local retailers think about ways that they can provide same day services as well.  Companies like GFD Courier, a leading messenger and delivery services company in NYC can help.

There is no doubt that Americans today want things done faster and more efficiently than ever before.  With increasingly busy lives, advanced technology and a lifestyle in which everything is right at their fingertips, New Yorkers especially want to know that they can get products they desire ordered and delivered almost instantly.  While most retailers previously relied on the postal service or traditional shipping services to deliver packages, which made anything quicker than next day delivery impossible, today’s local retailers are starting to think outside of the box so they can jump on the quick delivery bandwagon that Amazon has rolled into town.

When it comes to delivering products swiftly throughout the metropolitan area to consumers looking to get things “now”, GFD has what it takes to make that happen.   Whether it is just an occasional item that needs to be delivered instantly as a favor to a special customer or a retailer that wants to set itself apart from the competition by providing enhanced customer service, including the option for same day delivery, the delivery experts at GFD are the ones to call.

Our company has been providing fast, reliable and efficient delivery services for over three decades, as well as messenger services that are the perfect option for smaller items and packages.  Not only can we pick up products at your store or warehouse in the metropolitan area to have them delivered on the very same day but we also offer the option of warehousing inventory in our own facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and taking care of the entire shipping or delivery process for you.

Same day delivery is not going away, and as more and more consumers begin to get used to the ease at which they can get products delivered from leading retailers such as Amazon, the demand for same day delivery services from smaller and more local businesses is going to increase as well.  If you are a forward-thinking business owner or manager, now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to meet the rising tide of instant-gratification shoppers so you can set yourself apart from the crowd.

For more information about the same day delivery services in NYC offered by GFD Courier, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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