Get A Move On It!

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So, you need to have some things moved and you’re not sure how to get it done?  That’s okay – we’re here to help!  Whether you are a business that requires inventory to be delivered or the contents of an office to be relocated, or you simply require a single box, piece of equipment or other item to be moved, companies like GFD Courier in New York can take care of all aspects of the move for you.

For starters, we offer a selection of delivery services to choose from, meeting the varied moving needs of all types of industries, businesses and individuals.  We offer van delivery services, for those that have only a few small things that need to get from one location to another.  If you have more to move than can be fit into one of our cargo vans, we also offer truck delivery services, which can take care of your moving needs no matter how large the items or how much you need to have moved.

We even take it one step further and offer freight delivery services, which can handle your large moving needs across town or across the nation.  So, for example, if you are in the business office equipment business and need to get a load of copiers to a client, a conference or to a warehousing facility, or you have palletized products that need to be transported, we are equipped to take care of these large or more intricate deliveries as professionally and efficiently as if we were moving a single box for you around the corner.

What sets a delivery service company like GFD Courier apart from the many companies available that offer moving services?  For one, GFD specializes in delivery services for businesses.  This means we understand the unique needs of companies both large and small and can attend to the specific requirements of moving and transporting items in these circumstances.

Our delivery personnel are also experienced and reliable.  This means that they have been doing what they do for many years and are equipped to deal with all types of situations, from delivering items to sensitive areas, such as courthouses or convention floors, to knowing just how to get the contents of an office packed up and moved so that business can resume as usual when Monday morning rolls around. In addition to experience and reliability, our staff is also courteous, punctual and committed to offering an unmatched level of customer service.

Another major benefit to businesses is that we provide more than just standard delivery services.  We can pack, un-pack, , take-down and store just about any items that require these services.  These services make it easy for companies to simply sit back and relax, knowing that their items will arrive at their intended destination when they need to be there, in good shape, and if needed, all set up and ready to go.  With confidence like that, it makes it easier to get a move on it!

For more information about our variety of delivery services, as well as add-on services, contact GFD Courier at 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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