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Many New York City offices, publishers, e-commerce retailers and manufacturers just don’t have ample space available to store their goods and therefore opt to utilize local storage and warehousing facilities.  For a company to own and manage such a facility on their own, it can require the expertise, work load and capital of running a complete secondary business.   Therefore, many companies choose to store their goods with an outside warehousing company that is already fully staffed and is equipped with state-of-the-art security and a comprehensive inventory control system. Whether the storage period needed is short-term with limited access to the goods, or long-term with distribution needs in mind, local space is available from companies like GFD Courier.

Who might need these types of services?  For one, there are many small businesses that have become fully automated, doing business over the internet, with no additional need for physical office space.  Documents are online and employees are working from the comfort of their own homes.  Sales representatives can be reached via cell phone and reports can be scanned and sent via the World Wide Web in a flash.  So, what do you do with all of your paper documents, files and office equipment if you decide to go this route?

You may be able to recoup a few dollars selling the furniture, but you will most likely need to hold onto business files and documents for at least a short period of time.  You may not want to part with your favorite pieces of art and the desk you bought with the proceeds from your first sale.  If that’s the case, you can temporarily store your wares in GFD’s 50,000 square foot climate-controlled storage facility in Brooklyn, complete with easy retrieval access if and when needed. Documents can be boxed, cataloged, inventoried and scanned for electronic storage and retrieval purposes, if desired.

If you are an e-commerce business who does most of your business online but needs a space for products to be stored until online orders come in, local storage and warehousing can accomplish the task.  GFD Courier offers many associated ongoing services for e-commerce warehousing and distribution needs.  We can pick-up goods and deliver them to our facility; unload and unpack them in order to catalogue and photograph the goods; then inventory, re-pack and store goods until they are ready for distribution. Printing firms and publishers can also benefit from these services, since they may have large quantities of printed materials that need to be stored until it is time for distribution.

Since GFD specializes in courier delivery, truck delivery and freight delivery services, when it comes time for the goods to be distributed, we can get your goods to where they need to be with precision care and on-time delivery.  GFD uses a state-of-the-art delivery tracking system that will allow you to be informed of where your shipment is at all times, when it will arrive, and even who received it at its final destination.  In the meantime, if extra space is what you are seeking, consider inquiring about our convenient storage and warehousing services.

For more information about storage and warehousing, as well as other logistics services offered by GFD Courier in NYC, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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