Change Up Your Ordinary Father’s Day Gift Giving Plans This Year

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As Father’s Day approaches, children both young and old are often left wondering what to give their fathers that can express their love and appreciation for all that he’s done over the years.  It seems that buying gifts for dad, or coming up with something special to do for his “big” day, is often a more complicated process than doing the same for mom on Mother’s Day or a special someone on Valentine’s Day.  Let’s face it – a gift for dad is not always easy to figure out.

If you are looking to do something a bit different this year to let your father know how much he means to you, why not get a bit innovative in how you go about the process?  One way to do that is to change up how that gift arrives to dad by hiring a courier service to deliver the gift to him at a time and location that is unexpected.  Another is to change up the type of gift you have delivered from the standard (and boring) typical Father’s Day gift selection to something that has more significance.

For example, rather than waiting for the third Sunday in June to give dad his requisite new tie or a book about how to improve his golf swing, why not have a courier show up at his office on a random day of your choosing, donning a package that includes a couple of tickets to his favorite sporting event or instructions to meet you for dinner at his favorite restaurant, to attend a show or to simply spend the day or evening doing something he loves, or that you used to enjoy doing together?

The messenger can deliver just about anything you want in order to complete the gifting process.  The gift can simply be an envelope, with an unexpected card and tickets to attend the event.  Or it can be instructions and a few token clues about where to meet or what you’ll be doing that leads to some intrigue and excitement about what’s to come (just make sure that if you plan something spur of the moment, you’ve first checked his calendar to make sure he will be free to enjoy your planned surprise).

Messenger delivery services can deliver packages in addition to just envelopes, so you can include more than simply a card, note or set of tickets.  So, if you remember how much fun it used to be when the two of you went fishing together, you may want to send along a box filled with a replica of his favorite old fishing hat, some new fishing supplies or a few other components to make the day extra-special.

This year, rather than running to the nearest store to select from a usually lame selection of Father’s Day gifts, why not get a bit creative and give a gift from the heart.  Find something to do with your father or give to your father that has special meaning to him or to both of you, have it delivered in a unique way (such as by messenger to his office, his home or while he is on the golf course with his buddies) and then get out and enjoy some quality time with your dad that shows him how much he really means to you.

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