Attorneys Use GFD Courier To Handle Courtroom Delivery Needs

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Attorneys originating from out of state or simply out of the New York metropolitan area have an added constraint when they are involved in a New York court case.  These law professionals need to factor in travel to their already busy schedules and have added obstacles to tackle related to how to get the documentation, displays and equipment they need from their offices to the courtroom to be used during their cases.

Many court cases involve boxes and boxes of documentation that must be read through, consulted and used to prepare for a case.  This same documentation may also need to make its way to court each day so it is easily accessible at any time throughout a trial.  For lawyers who are staying in a hotel throughout the duration of a legal case because they are from out of town, this can be a rather difficult feat.  Fortunately, companies like GFD Courier have a great deal of experience in providing the legal delivery services attorneys need to get documents and displays to court when necessary.

Our experienced legal couriers in NYC have served many out of town lawyers over the years, picking up what they need for court each day from their hotels and then delivering the items to courtrooms.  At the end of each court session, these same couriers meet visiting attorneys at the court house to pick-up and deliver the items back to their hotels.  In some situations, court cases can go on for days, weeks or months and this process is repeated each day.

Boxes and envelopes full of important documentation are not the only items that our legal couriers can transport to and from the courthouse each day.  In addition to documentation, we can also deliver displays such as large poster-size exhibits, as well as AV equipment that may be needed during a trial.  If necessary, we can even set up any displays or equipment in the courtroom.

If storage is an issue because an attorney does not want to keep documentation, displays and equipment in his or her hotel room each night, we also have a secure warehouse that can house the items nightly or at any time that they are not needed.  Pick-up and delivery can be made to or from our warehouse in these cases.

Although our legal delivery services provide tremendous value for attorneys from out of town who find themselves in New York City, we also provide the same types of services for lawyers who are situated within the metropolitan New York area.  We offer ease and convenience so that attorneys can focus on the important aspects of their case without having to worry about how everything they need for a case will get to where it needs to go.

So, whether you are a New York City attorney or you are handling a case within the Big Apple no matter where you may call home, let the experienced delivery professionals at GFD Courier handle your courtroom delivery needs so you can stay focused on the big picture.

For more information about the types of services offered by GFD Courier to benefit lawyers, law firms and other legal professionals, call 212-349-3644 or 718-222-7444.

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